This page includes a dedicated listing of the services assigned for processing payments. If you need your website to perform secured payments, this is the main collection of services you should be using. This set of services requires a meticulous attention to flows and attributes depending on the environment used, and the account configuration.

To complete the integration we would like to see you perform the following flows:

SALE transaction

you can any amount with our test cards and we recommend using the Control Reply amounts to allow to simulate declines

3D Flow

by sending the amount of 55.3 (any currency) the 3D simulator will be triggered and you will have to redirect the customer to the 3D window (Server to Server implementation) - this flow would be similar in the APM/CPM flow as well and worth getting fimiliar with.


we would like to see you pass the notification and redirect parameters during integration to ensure you will know how to handle them once going LIVE.


This section will explain how to integrate to our Hosted Payment Page, please follow the steps and make sure the keep the order of fields on both request and signature, you can learn more about the Signature Here


This section will cover Silent Post or more commonly known as "Server-to-Server", follow the steps and the structure of the request, in case of 3D secure please follow the instructions.


The signature is the most important part of the integration, a misconfiguration of the signature will result in a failure to submit the payment - please make sure you keep the order of the fields.


Use our recurring engine to streamline your subscriptions, be sure to ask support to enable recurring to your account. Follow the below instructions and be sure to include it in the signature.


There are two methods of processing a refunds, Refund Requests and Direct Refunds, be sure to check with your account manager the method that is set to you account.


The system will send a notification to your end point if the notification_url parameter is passed with your requests - Learn more about the format and signature.