Be the Payment Service Provider you want to be

Manage your Merchants / Affiliates / Customers / Acquirers and Prepaid issuing all from one Backend solution.


Our platform supports multiple methods of integration to our verious services, in this interface you will find the relevant information on how to integrate using the 3 main options: Hosted page, Server to server and using our Webservices (Non-processing related services).


API Request

Detailed Response

Risk Engine

Issuer Request

Issuer Response


Transaction Routing

Give your merchants the ultimate payment orchestration platform they deserve, with fully customizable smart-routing and cascading features.

Crypto Payments

Take your crypto-acceptance to the next level with our Crypto Payments product. Offer your customers seamless checkout process via multiple cryptocurrencies in no-time.

Open Banking

Leverage our connectivity to the biggest banking infrastructure providers in today’s market. Offer your customers an instant checkout process via local payment methods with the highest acceptance-rates.

Important things to know before you start

To integrate you will need a merchant account and Hash - these can be found in your Merchant Control Panel, if you did not recieve your login details please reach out to support.

During integration you will only be able to use our test cards, these can be found here Test Environment

To start live traffic the support team will have to review your test transactions and make sure you completed all the relevant tests, once they do so your account will be switched to "Processing" mode and live cards can be used (No need to change your merchant id and hash)


To start your integration its best to start with a quick intro and details about the test environment, make sure to get your Merchant id and hash before you start.


Payments are the heart and soul of every company - Our PCI level 1 system will enable you to integrate payment quickly to your app or service - start embedding payments today.


Embed one of our 7 payment page designs on your site or app today and start accepting payments in no time, from credit cards to Alternative Payment Methods, one integration to enable them all.


Once your idea is ready to go visit our Services section and learn on how to best use our services for your needs.

Make sure you contact us first to receive your app token to allow you to connect to the services.

Payteck is a fully functional payment gateway, you can integrate to the platform using the instructions on the Processing section and if you a startup looking to integrate more services follow the instructions on the Services section .

Make sure you contact us first to receive your app token to allow you to connect to the services.

A part of our solution is affiliate management, this will enable you to manage the revenue share with your affiliate for both your merchants and your users.

You can visit the Partners section for more info about the functionality and the interface for the affiliate to manage his activity .

First you will need to signup to the service at the following link, one of our representatives will review your application and will return to you by email with the application token to access the platform.

You can visit the documentation and learn about the services and use one of the test credentials for any one of the interfaces.

In the services section of this interface found here you can learn more on all the services we have to offer, the services are grouped to assist you in the understanding of the different functionality.

Feel free to contact our support for further guidance.

Each service has its URL at the top section, the sanbox URL is and the service you are trying to connect to, be aware that the services require a token that will be provided to you by the support department when you signup.

We are hosted on the cloud and allocate as much bandwidth to provide the best response times for our clients – we monitor the traffic on a daily basis to insure the best performance.

When you sign up as a merchant/affiliate it is important you provide us with your banking details so we can configure your settlement account.

If at any point you feel we might have the wrong account configured please contact customer support as soon as possible.

We provide a SOAP API that can be integrated in any language you chose to develop your platform.

As a merchant you will gain access to the merchant control panel – the interface will allow you to create limited account to allow access to more then one user.

The merchant control panel provides you with exporting function in chosen locations – you can connect to your data using the API as provided in the documentation.

All data is stored securely according to PCI DSS level 1 requirements, as a PCI Level 1 gateway we undergo monthly reviews and a yearly certification.

Our backend solution supports multiple regions and multiple currencies – you don’t have to do anything on your end – contact support to open up the relevant terminals and payment methods.